Langhe Pinot Nero "Grillonero"


Wine specs:

Country: Italy - Region: Piemonte - Area Langhe - District: Barbaresco
Village: Neive - Hill name: Serragrilli
Vineyard altitude: 200/300 mt.

Grape / Wine: Red

100% Pinot Nero

Treatments in vineyard: sulfur, coppper
Weed control: mechanical, no chemical herbicides

Alchool contents: 13.5% - Total acidity: 6.29 gr./L
Dry extract: 27.0 gr./L - Residual sugar: 0.64 gr./L

24 months Allier Barriques ( 10%new - 90% second passage )

Best: 4/5 years - Life: around 15 years

It is generally medium-bodied, supple, elegant, with good freshness, moderate alcohol and silky tannins. Pink pepper, jasmine and mint that intertwine creating a vibrant fresco and serve to frame a delicate fruit, ethereal, made of cherries, currants, citrus, pomegranate and blueberries.

The ease with which it cuts the fat and create a bond with lots of food without cover the more delicate flavors is amazing. A single advice: choose not too elaborate-fatty dishes and avoid super spicy food that can burn its daintiness in a blink of an eye. Excellent with roasted white meat, but with fish fillets too. Uncork a Pinot Noir and pair it with a simple, creamy risotto with truffles and you will see that the earthy notes of both will create a great harmony on your palate.

18° C/ 64.4° F

young: No - Old: 30 min. - Very old: 60 min.

Recommended glass : 4 / 5