The secrets of our wine

All the vinification and storage procedures take place on the ground floor in order to facilitate operations. The winery is fitted out with the finest in winemaking equipment, and is fully temperature controlled. By choice, no use is ever made of concentration or reverse osmosis, which could affect the wines’ properties and taste. In the area given over to storage there are small and medium-sized barrels. The red wines mostly age in barriques (holding 225 litres), tonneaux (500 litres) and 1000-litre casks, all strictly made of French Allier oak. Larger 20 and 25-hectolitre casks made of Slavonian and Allier oak are used for the aging of the traditional-style Barbaresco, while the "Serragrilli" cru matures in barriques and tonneaux. Finally, there is the so-called "barricaia", or barrique cellar, which is to be found underground where the Lequio family used to produce wine a century ago. Here the humidity and temperature are ideal not only for storing the wine, but also for preserving the wood of the barriques and tonneaux, ensuring that no gaps appear between the staves and result in the loss of wine. The barriques have a lifespan of only 4 years, after which they are replaced. This makes the ageing process extremely costly, but the results are truly exceptional.